Live Streamed Funerals Popular With Youth

A survey conducted by Royal London has revealed that 33% of Millennials would be willing to watch a loved one’s funeral live online if they could not attend it in person.

26% of those aged 55 plus and 23% of those aged 35 to 54 said they would also watch.

More than half of the of 50 UK crematoria and funeral directors Royal London spoke too are now offering live streaming of funerals but these vary in quality. Most Crematoria offer a fairly low quality webcam style broadcast. UK Live Streaming offer broadcast quality picture and sound at any UK venue using bonded internet connectivity.

The same survey has revealed more than a third (33%) of adults have had to miss the funeral of a loved one, with some being unable to take time off work and others saying the funeral was held too far away for them to be able to attend.

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